How to improve your Google My Business ranking?

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If you are a small business, then improving your Google My Business ranking can be crucial to your business’s success. Whenever a new or existing customer searches for your business on Google, they should be able to find relevant Google My Business page and website. If you are a new business and struggling to rank your page, then read on.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a tool for all businesses so that they can create a better online presence, and display their website and local address to consumers. They can also take advantage of the review feature, where customers can review their business.

Why Should you Focus on Google My Business?

Increase engagement
If you are a new business, then customer satisfaction is of paramount importance. Many customers first check your Google My business page before going to your website. So, adding accurate information, and sharing updates and photos will increase engagement with your business and help in credibility.

Boost your ranking on SERP
A verified Google My Business page with correct information gives Google info that you rate higher in search results. The higher you rank on SERP, the more engagement your business will ultimately have. So, a good GMB page will help increase your ranking on SERP.

Increase your sales
The ultimate goal of all these tools and tactics is to increase sales. That’s exactly what happens after you establish credibility via your Google My business page. The more trustworthy your business looks on Google, the higher your page will rank and the more customers it will drive which will ultimately lead to more sales. They will call, visit your website or store and check out your products and services which is exactly what any business needs and wants.

How to improve Google My Business ranking

Ensure correct data on the Google My Business page
Keep your Google My Business page up to date including your business’s physical address, phone number, business category, hours of operation, and attributes. Make sure that all your information is correct and always up to date.

Verify and claim your listing
After you are done inputting all your data on the Google My Business page, you should go ahead and verify your listing. Google will automatically request verification of your business. Verifying your business will make it more authentic and help it rank higher on search engine pages.

Add good quality photos to your listing
Google My Business pages with credible photos are considered more reputable. Accurate pictures showcasing your goods and services can drive 35% more clicks than businesses that don’t have photos. An average listing has 11 photos that can help businesses appear more legitimate.

Keep accurate hours
Keep an eye out on your business page and update the business hours regularly. Include open and close timings, holidays, special events, and the days when you are closed. Businesses with accurate hours give customers confidence that the information on the GMB page is correct, trustworthy, and verified.

Post on your Google My Business profile regularly
Did you know that you can post via your GMB profile too? Share blog posts, business updates, seasonal sales, and more. Make sure to post consistently, include links to increase clicks to the website, and align marketing with posts. Customers can view them as “updates” on your profile which can also be visible on maps.

Encourage Customer Reviews
Google reviews are one of the best ways to increase the credibility of your business. It shows customers that your business is legitimate and it can influence consumer purchases. 90% of your customers are on the internet and search for a business before buying from them. Work on driving 5-star ratings to increase your customer loyalty. Whenever someone gives a rating, do make sure that you respond to them. It shows that you value feedback and what your customers have to say.

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