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Behind every pixel and code, there's a story of ambition and innovation. Discover our relentless pursuit of digital mastery at DigiBenders.

Innovation concept with keyboard representing DigiBenders' creative digital solutions.
Creative Pencil representing DigiBenders' creative digital solutions.

How it <Started>

DigiBenders was founded in 2021 by Nikhil Sharma, a dedicated Healthcare Software Architect. After years in the industry, Nikhil yearned for a platform where innovation and talent thrived beyond corporate constraints.

DigiBenders, New Brunswick Founder Story - Nikhil Sharma, Immigrant from India settled in Saint John, NB.

1_Fostering Innovation

Nikhil experienced firsthand the pitfalls of outdated corporate ways. He dreamt of a workspace celebrating creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, leading to DigiBenders' inception.

2_Talent First

Understanding the stifled growth of young professionals in traditional settings, Nikhil envisioned DigiBenders as a haven. Here, every talent finds its voice and purpose.

3_Positive Vibes

DigiBenders promises an environment free from stifling corporate drama. A place where trust, positivity, and team growth are at the forefront, ensuring standout digital products.

Why are we <Different>

What happens when a seasoned Software Architect and a passionate Visual Design Specialist team up? They form DigiBenders, where cutting-edge technology meets refined artistry, creating digital masterpieces that resonate and inspire.

Meet Chaudhari in Partnership with Nikhil at DigiBenders, changing the App Development Game in New Brunswick.

1_Bridging Gaps

Meet's deep-rooted design expertise and Nikhil's mastery of software architecture join hands at DigiBenders, fusing design and development into a cohesive digital force.

2_Power of Unity

The strength of small, united teams is unmatched. When synchronized in purpose and passion, they can outperform any massive conglomerate, showcasing the essence of true collaboration.

3_Digital Symphony

Together, we're redefining digital landscapes. We're more than just a business, serving diverse sectors, handling six-figure projects, and securing government contracts. We’re a remote-first community where talent flourishes.

Our <Team>

Every successful venture starts with a committed team. At DigiBenders, our crew of designers, developers, and strategists come together, united in their pursuit of digital excellence, crafting experiences that captivate and inspire.

Nikhil Sharma, CEO & Software Architect at DigiBenders, Saint John, New Brunswick.

Nikhil Sharma _CEO Software Architect

Anchored in Canada, Nikhil seamlessly blends Software Architect mastery and AI flair, fueled by wanderlust guiding DigiBenders' remote-first approach. Off-duty, he savors world cuisines, hikes with his dog, and explores real estate and intra-day trading.
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Meet Chaudhari - Partner and Senior Designer at DigiBenders - Innovative digital agency in NB

Meet Chaudhari _Partner Designer

Based in Canada, Meet excels as a Visual Designer, drawing inspiration from both the cinematic world of art films and the snowy trails of skiing. His seasoned journey in design ensures a blend of fresh viewpoints and inventive concepts, culminating in stellar projects. More info at hewhodesigns.ca

React Frontend Developer in DigiBenders Team - Saint John, New Brunswick.

Sacha Davidson _Full-Stack Developer

Sacha is a dynamic full-stack developer from Canada with a passion for emerging technologies and rapid development.

Data Analysts and Data Engineers at DigiBenders, Saint John, New Brunswick.

Bhavya Chaudhari _Intern Data Analyst

Bhavya, a Toronto resident, Humber graduate, excels in deciphering data and problem solving. He also enjoys global cuisine.

Full-Stack Developers - part of DigiBenders Team - New Brunswick, Canada

Freelancer_ Full-Stack Developer

With roots in Canadian healthcare data and mentored by Nikhil, our full-stack maestro thrives in Laravel, PHP, Vue.js, and React.

Zara, dog and Pawlity Assurance engineer a part of the creative team at DigiBenders, Saint John, NB.

Zara Dog_ Pawlity Assurance Engineer

Pawtrolling the office, Zara sniffs out imperfections—be it in the code or the lunch menu. Pawfection is her game. Instagram @minpinzara

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