Elevating Moss Hachey Law Firm's Online Presence and Driving Lead Generation

Client: Moss Hachey Law
Location: Fredericton, NB

The Challenge

MHL Law Firm, based in New Brunswick, wanted to increase its visibility and attract a more considerable number of high-quality leads. They had a Squarespace website, self-built by one of the firm's lawyers, and a self-managed online presence. While it had achieved a reasonable online footprint, it lacked the professional touch, high-ranking SEO optimization, and strategic digital marketing necessary to reach and resonate with a broader target audience.

The Solution

Recognizing the potential for growth, DigiBenders proposed a three-pronged solution to elevate MHL's online presence:

Website Redesign and SEO Optimization
Our designer created professional UI designs for the existing Squarespace website, significantly enhancing its visual appeal and user experience. Alongside this, we initiated comprehensive SEO optimization to boost search engine visibility.

Social Media Management
For the initial months, we took over MHL's social media management. This included creating a consistent brand voice, optimizing profiles, and implementing a strategic content schedule, thereby amplifying the firm's online visibility.

Google Ads Management
We transitioned MHL's Google Ads from basic smart campaigns to advanced, strategically-managed campaigns. These now feature creative copywriting, ongoing analysis, and monthly management aimed at attracting higher-quality leads.

The Results

Our solutions led to an improved online image, increased web traffic, and higher-quality leads for MHL Law Firm.

Let's look at a detailed six-month analysis (Nov 1, 2022 – May 20, 2023):

Cost per Conversion: We observed a consistent decrease in the cost per conversion, demonstrating more efficient ad spending and improved targeting. This means MHL's marketing budget yielded more leads.

Chart showing Cost Per Click Results for Injury Lawyers Google Ads in New Brunswick

Click-through Rate (CTR): The rise in CTR suggests that our ad content was more compelling and successful in capturing user attention, leading to higher engagement.

Chart showing Click Through Rate Google Ads Results for New Brunswick Lawyers

Conversion Rate: The increase in the conversion rate shows that we reached not only a wider audience but also those more likely to take the desired actions—confirming our ability to generate quality leads, a vital factor for MHL's long-term growth.

Chart showing Conversion Rate for Injury Lawyers in New Brunswick

Phone Call Leads: Over this six-month period, our Google Ads campaigns resulted in approximately 221 phone calls. These direct connections not only provide opportunities for immediate business conversion but also foster personal relationships with potential clients — an important factor in the legal industry.

Chart showing Phone Call leads generated for Injury Lawyers in New Brunswick

To further enhance MHL's online presence, we also focused on improving their Google Search impact. Over the course of our engagement, MHL's website saw significant improvements in search engine performance. We achieved 200 clicks from Google Search within the first 28 days, which doubled to 400 clicks by early February 2023, and then increased to 600 clicks by early February 2024. This consistent growth highlights the effectiveness of our SEO strategies in driving organic traffic to MHL's website.

Goolge Search impact provided by services catered to Injury Lawyers

Our comprehensive approach to digital marketing and web optimization has not only enhanced MHL's online visibility but also significantly improved their lead generation efforts. By refining their digital presence and implementing strategic marketing initiatives, MHL Firm is now better positioned to attract and convert high-quality leads, ensuring sustained growth and success in the competitive legal market.

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