Custom Software Development

At DigiBenders, our development team comprises of passionate individuals that are dedicated to crafting bleeding edge destkop, web and mobile solutions to help you manage your business better or build a unique product to launch to market. We apply agile software development techniques and continuous improvements to manage our custom software development projects.

We thrive to work closely with our clients and ask a lot of questions to perfectly craft the product to their needs. We provide 100% transparency during the process and aim to deliver products faster, better, and within the client's budget.

Our Software Development Services

Web Application Development

Our Team provides expertise in both web and desktop applications. We are skilled in ASP.Net Core, .Net Framework, PHP, JS technologies like React, Vue and Angular. We are also highly skilled in Blazor - the new frontend technology for .Net core.

Mobile Application Development

We believe in crafting high-performance iOS, Android and Windows applications. We make use of latest technologies like React Native and Flutter mobile application development frameworks alongwith highly scalable backend to support it using Firebase, AWS or Azure.

Application Integration Services

DigiBenders provides with Custom API Development and API integration services to help your business take advantage of being connected. APIs connect applications allowing access to new sources of data & functionalities that can help you shape new business models and strategies.

User Experience & User Interface Design

Here at DigiBenders, we are passionate about building highly usable software. Good software doesn't need user training, it should empower and excite the user to make use of the technology from day one. We craft our products keeping in mind the end-users experience.

Prototype, Road-Mapping, & Support

Our in-house experts have built many MVPs and would like to hear about your vision on the product and provide you with a platform to take that vision into a full pledged product. We believe in rapid prototyping and with our outcome-oriented approach, we ensure that time and money is saved to build a working solution.

Custom Software Rescue Service

Do you have an existing software solution that isn't working out? We can provide our expertise to take over existing solution that may have been developed by other Software company, or freelancers and help you reach your goals with it.

Microsoft Power Platform Development

We have in-house exertise with Microsoft infrastructure, and can help your Organization leverage the benefits of Microsoft Technologies like SharePoint, PowerApps, Power BI, Power Automate, and integration services to custom apps using the latest .Net Core Technologies to Architect full pledged Solutions.

DevOps Service

We provide DevOps services to ensure your product can continuosly evolve with new features. This allows us to create a pipeline to rapidly integrate new changes to a product and deliver faster.

Our Process

DigiBenders, New Brunswick, Canada Custom Software Development Experts Process

1. Introduction - Free Pre-Project Consulting

Our first step of the process includes a Free 1 hour consultation where we listen and ask questions. We take this time to learn about your business and your project to help us better understand your needs and discover whether DigiBenders is a good fit. We will develop and provide with a project brief and proposal if we believe we can help you.

If you are reaching out to us for software rescue service we would take the time to go over a demo of your existing solution and ask questions to understand your expectations. This will help us to provide you with a Roadmap after a brief Code Audit, so we can get your software in good shape!

2. Plan - Project Discovery & Planning Process

Our next step of the process is where the fun really begins as we take a collaborative approach to build your product. Before we dive into writing any code, we will spend time with you going over sketching out workflows, deciding on solutions and wireframing the User Interface. This helps us get the product right, avoiding rework and once we agree on the right solution we will help you build the features that would support the business requirements for your product.

3. Develop - Software Development Process

This step is where we initiate crafting your product and apply our passion. In the Development Stage, we have our internal processes that we follow to provide with maintainable & highly usable software. We prioritize the feature list we built in previous step, so that we can provide you with the highest value early-on in the process, and then follow our iterative approach to keep evolving your product.

4. Manage - Software Release & Support Process

The product is ready for launch at this stage! Now, we focus on providing you long-time value to help support and evolve your product to provide high-value in the long run.

In this stage, we will perform the release using our teams DevOps expertise to build automated pipelines that deliver changes rapidly and help us stay agile. This allows you to focus on growing your business successfully.

We will help you with best options of hosting your product according to your requirements, whether on-premise or on the cloud. Helping you take care of any required licensing.

We also help you setup a knowledgebase for the internal or external users as we keep the documentation up to date.

Our Pricing

Here at DigiBenders, we start out with a free 1 hour consultation with our project leads to give an introduction of who we are and learn about your business and follow up with pre-project consulting session(s) as required. Here are costs of our typical upfront consulting sessions.

Pre-Project Consulting

If you reach out for a new project to build from scratch, we will take this time to understand your requirements and provide with proper documented project brief and proposal.

Schedule: 2 to 3 weeks

Price: $1,000 onwards


Software Code Audit

For an existing solution that you want DigiBenders to take over, we will take this time to see what you currently have, assess, and give you with a proper well-documented assessment.

Schedule: 1 to 2 weeks

Price: $3,000 onwards

Project Discovery & Planning Process

This is where the fun begins and we spend time working together with you to start bringing your product to life.

Schedule: 4 to 8 weeks

Price: $10,000 onwards

Software Development Process

This is the stage where we start writing code to make the idea to launchable reality. During this stage, we design, code, test and apply your feedback to launch the prototype.

Schedule: 6-12 weeks

Price: $15k to $100k

Managed Cloud Hosting

The app has successfully been launched and now requires on-going support and maintenance to keep the software up to date with changes to adapt to the business. This plan is optional and for you if you want to keep focusing on business efficiency and let us take care of the hosting and evolving your product.

Schedule: On-going, monthly plans

Price: $500 per month onwards

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