Custom Software Development Pricing

Custom Software Development Pricing

Here at DigiBenders, we start out with a free 1 hour consultation with our project leads to give an introduction of who we are and learn about your business and follow up with pre-project consulting session(s) as required. Here are costs of our typical upfront consulting sessions.


Pre-Project Consulting

If you reach out for a new project to build from scratch, we will take this time to understand your requirements and provide with proper documented project brief and proposal.

Schedule: 2 to 3 weeks

Price: $1,000 onwards


Software Code Audit

For an existing solution that you want us to take over, we will take this time to see what you currently have, assess, and give you with a proper well-documented assessment.

Schedule: 1 to 2 weeks

Price: $3,000 onwards


Project Discovery & Planning Process

This is where the fun begins and we spend time working together with you to start bringing your product to life.

Schedule: 4 to 8 weeks

Price: $10,000 onwards


Software Development Process

This is the stage where we start writing code to make the idea to launchable reality. During this stage, we design, code, test and apply your feedback to launch the prototype.

Schedule: 6-12 weeks

Price: $15k to $100k


Managed Cloud Hosting

The app has successfully been launched and now requires on-going support and maintenance to keep the software up to date with changes to adapt to the business. This plan is optional and for you if you want to keep focusing on business efficiency and let us take care of the hosting and evolving your product.

Schedule: On-going, monthly plans

Price: $500 per month onwards

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