We help forward-thinking businesses digitize their operations by crafting custom solutions that align with their vision while developing their technical roadmap.

New Brunswick's Leading Custom Software Development Agency - Global software development talent in Saint John, New Brunwsick - Software Development, Mobile App Development, Cloud solutions, POS solutions, custom software


Creating beautiful website designs that stay true to the brand's identity while also being aesthetically pleasing.

Saint John, New Brunwsick's perimum website design agency - Hand crafted websites - no templates, get the real deal! - Website design, E-commerce design, branding


We look forward to providing your brand with a successful launchpad through well-researched branding, digital, marketing, and SEO that is in sync with the target market.

Building social presence for local businesses in New Brunswick - Digital Marketing experts - Social Media Marketing, Social Media Managment, Social Media Content Management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Blogging

How can DigiBenders help you?

DigiBenders can greatly assist you in growing your business by creating and maintaining cutting-edge technology solutions that you require to make your business more efficient or to win the market!

DigiBenders is New Brunswick, Canada's new age full service digital solutions agency that will be your Organization's pillar for technology support.

Our team has a diverse range of experience from industries such as Healthcare, Ed-Tech, Travel, Fashion, E-Commerce, HR, Automotive, Law, Food Tech, and many others.

If you believe your company is ready for the Digital Transformation, reach out today for a free consultation!

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New Brunswick's first of a kind global digital agency offering a one stop 
              solution for all digital needs - Website development, software development, 
              design, digital marketing


As a full-service digital agency, we provide our prestigious clients with end-to-end digital solutions and services. From brand development to business automation using cutting-edge technologies, our amazing experts can handle it all!

We provide high-quality custom software development services to businesses of all sizes that want to identify, automate and improve the efficiency of their daily operations.

We build everything from a full-stack web application, to hybrid mobile applications for Android and iOS devices.

You can completely rely on a team that's based out of Saint John, New Brunswick where all developers are from Canada and the United States.

When it comes to website design, our unique approach helps us give an edge over the competition!

Our developers and designers work in tandem to collaborate on these projects bringing the best of both worlds to deliver a rich digital experience by crafting your brand's most important digital entry point; the website!

We connect you with the best global talent here in New Brunswick, Canada so you don't have to settle!

At DigiBenders we foster creative minds, empowering their designs to unleash their creativity for our customers by providing a forward-thinking environment.

Our Designers work with businesses of all sizes to bring their visions to life via stellar designs and brilliant storytelling.

We offer a broad range of services like - Logo Design, Branding, UI/UX Design, and more! It's time that your brand or product goes to the next level and we can help!

DigiBenders is committed to providing the best value for your brand at all times by employing Digital Marketing Experts who deliver consistent results that add value to your products and services.

Creating an online presence is critical, and our highly knowledgeable team can support you with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Management (SMM), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and other services.

Custom Software Solutions

We architect solutions that maximize your company's return on investment!

Our team of Software Experts are on a mission to help businesses optimize their workflows, and streamline business processes.

We provide the technical leadership that you need to build solutions that are built to last and help businesses with digital transformation!

Healthcare Solutions

Nikhil Sharma, the founder of DigiBenders, has years of experience working in the healthcare industry. He has worked with Health Departments, Hospitals, Clinics, and other providers to improve the efficiency of doctors, research scientists, and clinical staff with solutions like virtual health software, Electronic Health Records (EHR), Radiology Information Systems (RIS), etc.

Augmented Reality Mobile Apps

DigiBenders specializes in developing hybrid mobile applications centered on Augmented Reality technologies for industries such as construction, real estate, healthcare, supply chain, and others. Our AR solutions use cutting-edge technologies and native mobile application capabilities to deliver powerful AR-based solutions compatible with Android & iOS devices!

Hospitality Solutions

DigiBenders is dedicated to revolutionizing the hospitality industry by providing solutions for creating rich digital experiences! Our solutions include Real-Time Menus, Inventory Analytics, QR-based tracking, Reservations, Virtual Lineups, and much more! If you are a business looking to innovate your hotel, restaurant, or bar, contact DigiBenders today!

Enterprise Application Develoment

DigiBenders' software experts have extensive experience serving global enterprise clients with web and mobile app-based enterprise software. By infusing smart AI-based solutions into their infrastructure, we assist enterprises in identifying areas for productivity improvement, streamlining their workflows, analysis, and reporting their daily operations.

HRM Software

DigiBenders' software experts have assisted various organizations in not only selecting and customizing third-party Human Resources Software but also in building custom HRM software from the ground up. Our experts understand how each organization's processes are unique and how they can help yours by streamlining them!

Our Tech Stack

New Brunswick, Canada Frontend Developer Experts







New Brunswick, Canada Backend Developer Experts


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New Brunswick, Canada Database Design Development Experts


Microsoft SQL Server



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New Brunswick, Canada Mobile Application Developer Experts

React Native



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Take a look at the DigiAwesome Team!

Our Clients

SharkByte, Ottawa, Ontario - DigiBenders Client Custom Software Development
                    Consulting New Brunswick - Laravel, PHP, Full-Stack developer, Solutions Developer,
                    .Net Core, C#, Blazor
Moss Hachey Law, Fredericton, New Brunswick - DigiBenders Client Website Design, 
            Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, Google Ads Campaign
Hopscotch Bar, Saint John - DigiBenders Client Website Design New Brunswick - 
                    Saint John, Moncton, Fredericton New Brunswick Real-Time Menu, QR Code, Mobile App, 
                    Website Design
SharkByte, Ottawa, Ontario - DigiBenders Client Custom Software Development
                    Consulting New Brunswick - Laravel, PHP, Full-Stack developer, Solutions Developer,
                    .Net Core, C#, Blazor
South Beach Entertainment Group, Florida - DigiBenders Client Website Design 
                    New Brunswick - Saint John, Moncton, Fredericton New Brunswick, Miami, Florida, 
                    Website Design Free Consultation
Doorpass - DigiBenders Client Mobile App Development New Brunswick - Saint John, 
                    Moncton, Fredericton New Brunswick Mobile App Development Android iOS

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